Benguerra Island Activities

Benguerra is a paradise for both experienced and novice snorkellers and scuba divers. To encourage visitors to enjoy the pristine reefs, a fully equipped dive centre with dive instructor has been set up. There are numerous dive venues available, including the superb Two-Mile Reef.

The most striking aspects of scuba diving the reefs around the island is the sheer unspoiled beauty Benguerra Island Activities- poolside barcombined with the variety and abundance of marine life. Many exotic reef fish abound such as schooling banner fish, moorish idols, butterfly fish, blue striped snappers, barred sweetlips, goldies, trigger fish and hosts of others.

After snorkelling the reef, go to the deserted Pansy Island, a unique breeding ground for the legendary pansy shell.

Fishing At Benguerra

The Fishing in the Bazaruto Archipelago is world renowned. The shallow flats between the islands and the mainland provide an excellent breeding ground for baitfish which in turn provides sustenance for the numerous species of abundant game fish in the Archipelago.

The fishing options at Benguerra Lodge are varied, from light tackle fishing in the bay, to fly-fishing in the open ocean or even targeting the oceans kingpin, the Marlin. Our 2 versatile fishing boats are skippered by professional friendly guides, and come fully equipped with all fishing tackle and safety equipment. The Lodge and our fishing grounds are situated in a National Park – bottom fishing is not allowed and the catch and release of all species is encouraged.


Fly-fishing is our speciality and mostly done using quick sinking lines over reefs varying in depth from 10m to 40m. More productive in the warmer months when the fish are feeding aggressively, fly-fishing is great fun and can be enjoyed by both the experienced and novices alike. Our target species are king and queen mackerel, bonito, wahoo, dorado, jobfish, all of the trevally species, and in season, the acrobatic and exciting Sailfish. Our sight fishing is generally restricted to surface feeding Bonito and Sailfish that have been teased to the boat, catching billfish on fly is the pinnacle of the sport and not recommended for people with a low adrenaline tolerance!

Light Tackle Fishing

For those interested in a more relaxed fishing experience, light tackle fishing will see us fishing for the same species in pretty much the same areas, but we will be using live bait and artificial lures.

Deep Sea Fishing for BillfishBenguerra Island Activities-fishing

April to September is our Sailfish season and October to January is Marlin season. Fishing for billfish is incredibly exciting, but often interspaced with long periods of waiting. Catching the fish of a lifetime though, makes it all worthwhile.